World Class Officials

Referee - Brian Beauchamp


Brian Beauchamp or “BB10X” as we like to call him, earned that title by being the “Ten Time” IBJJF Black Belt World Champion.

He is a very well respected man throughout the entire globe. Not only as a referee or a judge, but as a fierce competitor as well.

He is a Judo Black Belt AND a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt.

BB10X made his UFC Referee debut in December 2018.

You can check Brian out on Facebook.

Referee - Vance Swerdan


“Vicious” Vance Swerdan is one of the best MMA Referees in the country.

His experience and good decisions, while being “the third man” in the cage, have finally earned him the call to the UFC.

Congratulations Vance!

*You can already see Vance regularly on “WXC Warrior Wednesday“, the last Wednesday of every month, LIVE on UFC FightPass.

Vance can be contacted on Facebook.