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Event Production Companies

Event Production Systems


Steve (left) and Andrew (right) can provide any size event with a wide variety of services...

...And they are GOOD!

Sound. Lighting. Video. Staging. Power. Design.

EPS - “A small company that can produce BIG events.”



Fight Photographers

Mark Ruddick


“When Average Is Not An Option”

Mark Ruddick Photography is the place you have to go...”When Average Is Not An Option”. Canada’s #1 Fitness & Bodybuilding Photographer (Mark Ruddick) will bring the best out of every subject he shoots. His knowledge and experience of the equipment he uses and subjects he works with, make for some very impressive, artistic photos.

To see more of Mark’s work log on to:


Deborah Carbone


”I Shoot People... & Cut Off Their Heads.”

That’s Deborah‘s motto, but she does the exact opposite. She is the most traveled, well known and liked photographer in the fight game. Fight promoters all over the country call on Deborah when it’s fight time.

For more info on Deborah and her services, check her out on Facebook.

Maria Sinclair


Sinclair Photography is the name you’re most familiar with if you’re a real fight fan. Maria and her staff work for most of the fight organizations in Michigan as well as other states.

Maria probably has the fastest turn around for posting high quantity AND high quality fight pics for her clients.

To Book Maria and Sinclair Photography, check them out on Facebook.

Fight Night Disc Jockeys

DJ Frank ‘n’ Berries (Frank Hernandez)


Frank has been fightside at many events and is the current DJ for Warrior Xtreme Cagefighting. He has a very wide range of music and plays ALL radio edits for public events, unless instructed otherwise. *Also controls the lighted fighter entrance when rented.

DJ Duggan (Michael Ballard)


With over 20 years experience as a disc jockey, Duggan is a great person to have at your event. Along with his experience, he also brings music video capabilities with over 10,000 music and video selections from yesterday and today.

DJ Forella (Justin Forella)


Justin is not just a disc jockey. He is also a music producer and Event Planner....But, He IS probably the most versatile disc jockey you’ll ever meet. From high end weddings and corporate events to backyard parties, night clubs, arenas and fights. He never disappoints. You can book Justin for any type of event at www.ForellaEvents.com

Round Card Girls

“The Undercard” Girls

Brad Snyder’s “Undercard Girls”

The Undercard Girls are without a doubt among the best in the industry. These girls know how to bring some class and style to your event. They are very professional and have a wide variety of clothing styles and colors to match your event.